So, today is the day, if you believe the papers, that Nicole Richie marries Joel Madden. I am excited about this as I was about Paul Thomas and Billy Martin’s weddings. Its another GC wedding, and if you know me at all, you know it is one thing I am obsessional about.

Next year marks my decade as a Good Charlotte fan, and I always would be ecstatic for the boys whoever they settled down with. If you support anyone, its normal to feel happy to see them achieve happiness. But because Joel is marrying someone well known, he is being pulled into the ‘Celeb culture’.

I don’t think I’d be bothered so much if Joel was popular for being the awesome musician that he is, but on some level he is famous for dating someone famous. That is sad, and says so much about society. I know that Good Charlotte’s most recent album, Cardiology, didn’t get a lot of publicity in the UK, but I KNOW Joel and Nicole’s wedding will be featured in all the tabloids. It makes me sad, because the tabloids show a different side to Joel, than the Joel I have loved for ten years. Actually, I wouldn’t say it shows a ‘side of him’ more an idea of him, a picture painted by writers and gossip mongers. They say he is a gold digger, and an abuser. Joel has his own money, his whole career, and from speaking to him he would NEVER hurt a woman.

It makes me think. How many other celebs are being portrayed wrongly in the press. Miley Cyrus, for instance. Once a tween-queen, she is now being slaughtered by tabloids, trying to make her seem like she’s lost the plot. This is a teenage girl. A school age girl. Being stalked by 40+ year old paparazzi, who want to get a picture of her doing drugs or see her flash her underwear. Am I the only person who finds this unsettling? I have no idea what Miley is like, and I don’t believe this persona we see in the press.

I find it uncomfortable seeing famous people going to the supermarket. Its maybe because I wouldn’t take a picture of anyone I didn’t know doing their shopping. So I wouldn’t buy a magazine which has Brad Pitt at Walmart, it doesn’t interest me at all. Celebs are people, who work a job which places them in the public eye. They should be able to go get a paper without being bombarded by ‘photographers’. I have no respect for anyone who makes money out of taking pictures and telling lies about peoples private lives. Its like they scrounging what they can off someone else’s hard work. I don’t know how that is counted as a career choice.

But it makes it all seem so contrived. I mean, Lady Gaga being friends with Perez Hilton? Getting the world’s most famous gossip columnist on your side is a stroke of genius. He won’t say anything too damaging about his pal, just don’t fall out with him.

So basically, what I am getting at is, don’t judge those you read about in OK! magazine, because you really have no idea what they are really like.

And I hope that Joel and Nicole have a good Wedding day, and I hope you guys have a good life together.

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