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Server Not Found

Everything in this modern world seems to rely on an internet connection. Which is all fine and well, until you can’t get connected to the internet. When it happens, you think of how you took the internet for granted. It … Continue reading

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The Internet is Public

I am writing this entry from my local library because my home internet is dead, and my phone is not allowing me to post updates. Instead of complaining, I am going to try and say what a different things, like … Continue reading

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Battling Digital Breakdown!

AKA, trying to fix a computer, and saving it from a malware which seemed to be the most annoying fake security software EVER!! What was happening is that there were these pop-ups, coming up on the computer, no matter what … Continue reading

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TGI….Dead Internets?!?

I think I am going to need to purchase a new router. Which is upsetting news to someone on relies on the web, and has no money. -.- Things like this always happen when I have no money. Always, without … Continue reading

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Back on track

Day 2 of operation ‘Make myself Work’. And guess what? I actually did some work. *does a victory dance* Ok, I probably could have done more, but some work is better than no work, right? I did a bit of … Continue reading

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