Cancelled Due To Unforseen Circumstances

That is all everything is today. **CANCELLED**

I don’t know why, the truth is that if people battled on, the snow on the roads and paths would stay more manageable. I walked to work today, because I was due to start in ‘El Call Centre’ at 11. So I got up early, and left at 9.30, so I could walk to work and get there in plenty of time. I did this, not because I’m a fitness addict, but because I knew the buses would be called off. Because too many people are not experienced in driving in bad weather, they make the roads useless and other users can’t find any grip with their tires.

Anyway, I ambled into work at my own pace, and made it in plenty of time, and was pleased to see that the car park was relatively busy. So I came in, spoke to some customers, who, for the record, were so nice. And now I have a 2 and a half hour wait for my other shift to start.  That’s the thing, if I am able to get extra shifts, I end up spending too much time (and money) in the canteen, trying to kill some hours. I’ll tell you something, it was so much easier to waste time when I was at college and had impending deadlines. *hee hee*

Anyway, as soon as the snow started falling, the schools started closing and everything, once again, ground to a halt. To be honest, the snow wasn’t that deep, it was just a fresh covering. If people did keep moving and looked after one another, then there would be no closures, no problems. But I guess that would involve some kind of awareness of those around you, and I don’t think many people have that.

On a cheerier note: Today on the way to work I saw-

*1 broken down snow plow

*2 broken down buses

*1 out of service bus.

* An abandonned taxi

*3 annoyed school kids, who had been sent home.

*2 4×4’s who were unable to get up Castleland Hill in Rosyth

*An old woman on a bicycle.

*A man fall into a slush puddle.

And I made it all the way to work, without falling over. *HOORAY*

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