Blog Recommendation: Domestic Sluttery

If, like me, you are a foodie with a fondness for design blogs, check out Domestic Sluttery.

You see the name, and you may think you are being directed onto some x-rated site, I can assure you it is nothing of the sort.

Domestic Sluttery: The home and lifestyle blog for women who have better things to do.

It’s purpose is to show women they can be ‘domestic goddesses’ but can still enjoy their lives. It is a really inspirational blog, with a number of different contributors and they cover a wide variety of topics. Why I like this blog, is because I feel that it has a little bit for everybody, whether you are looking for shopping ideas or for a new food recipe. And I like that freedom the blog seems to have.

All the contributors volunteer time to do articles and reviews, and most of them contribute to other sites. And because there is more than one person writing for the site, there is different opinions and thoughts, and that collaboration makes the site seem very warm and friendly. The site itself is very simple, and inviting to people who are possibly ‘low-tech’. A friend actually recommended the blog to me, because she knows I both read and write a lot, and this was the first blog-site she had read repeatedly.

Although, I am well-aware, that this is not what people think about, especially when starting up any kind of site. But you want it to feel warm and welcoming, as that is what gets you repeated views. A lot of sites don’t have a friendly, simplistic quality, and don’t realise that this is losing them visitors. From what I understand, Domestic Sluttery, has caught a lot of people’s attention by being pretty basic in design, and actually caring about the chosen topic. You can sense their passion for everything they post.

One thought on “Blog Recommendation: Domestic Sluttery

  1. Hello! Thank you so much for such a kind blog post! We do indeed care about everything we write about – we won’t write about something unless we love it ourselves. Reading posts like this make it worthwhile.

    Sian and the Domestic Sluts

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