We are now officially in my favourite season of the year. Darker nights, colourful leaves and cosy nights in bed. Because I have a high body temperature, I have a short fuse during the hotter months. So, I am always happy when it starts to cool down.

There are some pains, such has getting up in the dark, but it’s worth it. Usually, in Scotland it gets a bit colder and a little more wet and windy. The weather is always something Scottish people moan about, especially at this time of year, but I think a lot of people here are climatised to the weather. For all the complaining we do actually do, we have quite moderate weather.

The only problem I have this year, as it feels like time has just run away from me. I can’t believe we are over half way through September already. But, sitting in my bed, wrapped in my duvet, watching Netflix, I am welcoming the new season.


Although I am a winter lover, i also love the summer.

My favourite thing to do is to get up early and read in my garden. A time of relaxation, where the sun heats up the air slowly. Because it is early, there’s maybe a few dog walkers nearby, but it is peaceful. And it is a good environment to read through a hundred or so pages of whatever novel I have rented from the library.

If it gets to a certain degree of ‘hot’, I’ll lay my book aside and just watch people passing me by. I usually go into town, or a park and just watch people. It’s relaxing to watch others going about their day, even more relaxing when the sun is warming things up nicely.

The thing with summer is, that if it gets too hot, it can be exhausting doing anything. You cut the grass, and you become a sweaty, disgusting mess. And that is certainly enough to make me slow down and not be bothered doing anything else. I’m really lazy, so don’t need much of an excuse. And from the volume of people i see doing nothing, I think others agree with me. But lazy folk look for any excuse, really.

The summer brings out people’s fun side. As families cook barbecues or have waterfights, some take a crate of beers to the park to have with friends. People want to relax, and the increased brightness makes things seem that bit brighter and positive. I think it is great to see what a positive effect on people the sun has.
This waffly mess of a blog comes from my warm back garden, and is sponsored by an unusual visitor to Scotland, the sun. Hope everyone is enjoying summer, and remember to protect yourself with sunscreen and plenty of water. ❤

Winter Warmer

I love winter, I can honestly say it is my favourite season of the year. Something, that always gets me a lot of strange looks, because why would you like winter. I love the freshness that is in the air on an icy morning. and how breathing it can make me feel alive. It makes me appreciate living in Scotland, as I do, because I don’t have to deal with too much pollution or anything like that. It is fresh, and I am so greatful for that.

I also love the idea of coming into a warm house after being outside. I have seen myself get overwhelmed by the warmth when I open the door to get in. You have the emotional warmth of returning home, and the actual warmth compared to outside. It is nice. It is reassuring. It’s something you only get during the colder winter months.

I like winter better than other seasons because everything feels so magical. There is a lot of celebration and evaluation. It includes the one time of the year, where the focus is on family. It is a shame that that ethos is never carried through the rest of the year, when I think about it. You should take every chance to show love to those around you, and let them know how much you appreciate them.

I just adore winter, and I am glad it is here. Happy winter.


Cancelled Due To Unforseen Circumstances

That is all everything is today. **CANCELLED**

I don’t know why, the truth is that if people battled on, the snow on the roads and paths would stay more manageable. I walked to work today, because I was due to start in ‘El Call Centre’ at 11. So I got up early, and left at 9.30, so I could walk to work and get there in plenty of time. I did this, not because I’m a fitness addict, but because I knew the buses would be called off. Because too many people are not experienced in driving in bad weather, they make the roads useless and other users can’t find any grip with their tires.

Anyway, I ambled into work at my own pace, and made it in plenty of time, and was pleased to see that the car park was relatively busy. So I came in, spoke to some customers, who, for the record, were so nice. And now I have a 2 and a half hour wait for my other shift to start.  That’s the thing, if I am able to get extra shifts, I end up spending too much time (and money) in the canteen, trying to kill some hours. I’ll tell you something, it was so much easier to waste time when I was at college and had impending deadlines. *hee hee*

Anyway, as soon as the snow started falling, the schools started closing and everything, once again, ground to a halt. To be honest, the snow wasn’t that deep, it was just a fresh covering. If people did keep moving and looked after one another, then there would be no closures, no problems. But I guess that would involve some kind of awareness of those around you, and I don’t think many people have that.

On a cheerier note: Today on the way to work I saw-

*1 broken down snow plow

*2 broken down buses

*1 out of service bus.

* An abandonned taxi

*3 annoyed school kids, who had been sent home.

*2 4×4’s who were unable to get up Castleland Hill in Rosyth

*An old woman on a bicycle.

*A man fall into a slush puddle.

And I made it all the way to work, without falling over. *HOORAY*

Happy days

I don’t know if it’s due to me having no classes, but I am all chilled out today. I missed the bus, and rather than getting all pissy, I went for a walk. Which makes a change, because I am one of these people, who gets stressed at the slightest thing. I think its helped that it is a really nice day. Its got me all ready to come into college and do work. Which I would do, but the chav class in the room, are distracting me. I can’t focus when they have no idea how to use their ‘indoor voices’. Sometimes I think I am at a nursery, not a college.

I am a simple person and it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I mean beer, iPod, sketchbook and crisps, made me extremely hyper when I was heading up to Aberdeen on Friday. And that really is as little as it takes to cheer me up. I seem to work better when I’m stressed, but I don’t know if that’s just cause I leave everything to the last minute.

But the weather is nice, so I think that also impacts on my work and mood. I mean if it is pouring down with rain, then I don’t want to leave my bed, and that leads to me being lethargic all day. Uch.

Saying that, at least the snow seems to finally be gone. Though I have a sneaking suspicion it may return, just because it doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere.

Anyway, this was not supposed to be a blog about the weather, which it turned out to be, but it is a thought that the weather impacts everything we do. Although we may not think about it. It must come from nature, because I suppose in bad weather, we would have naturally taken cover. But now that is not necessary, but it is expectected that we would still retain some of that instinct, to retract away from the bad weather. Oh well.
And whilst I remember…

…I dyed my hair, and got a new tattoo. Good times, indeed.