Regime Change

Yeah, so after deciding that this place is starting to sound a little bit too whiney and such, I am forming some kind of structure for stuff.
This is my vlogs and my blogs.

I spend way too much time complaining, and after looking through a few blogs, I felt I needed some kind of consistency. So, in a bid to liven everything up, I am giving myself a schedule, or a set of challenges, even. Basically, I have the task of talking about certain topic on certain days of the week, and its done to also encourage me to look at new things, so I can talk about them.

Yeah, well…it seems like a good idea to me.

MONDAY–will be book day, where I reccommend books that I like, and talk about them.

WEDNESDAY— Website day, I have to talk about a website (includes blogs) that I think people should look at.

FRIDAY– Music day. Whether a song, band or album, I talk about why you should listen to it,


Seeing as today is Monday, I have a book, I think that anyone with an intrest in Art or Design should read.

Art And Text
It really is a great book, with lots of great images of typography. I have loved typography since I was little, and this book just shows why I love it. The whole point of the book, from where I am standing, is to show that typography is more than just letters that physically spell out something.

It shows conceptual art, where the lettering, is just one part of the piece. There are installations, paintings, and lots more. I really like the variety of work on show. But the thing I like most about the book, is that unlike most art books, the work on show helps a person feel like they can achieve something extra out of typography. That with a liitle imagination, writing can be much more objective, and even more direct. But then, that’s what I take from the book. As with all art, it is all in how someone precieves the work.

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