Losing the will to live.

Why can’t WordPress and Blogger talk to each other?

I have two Riot Graphics blogs, because I tried both sites and decided that I like WordPress better, so I stuck with WordPress. I then came up with the ingenious idea, that I could automatically post my wordpress blogs on blogger, therefore keeping everything updates.

Why go to all that effort, I hear you say?

Well, a lot more of my friends and blogs I like are over on wordpress, so I figured, it’d be nice to update that one as the same as I update this. But alas, Blogger is not wanting ‘nice’. It wants ‘pain in the backside’.

Basically, to get a blog to auto-post onto a blog on another website, you need to download an XML file, and then upload it onto the second site, so that it will re-post your entries. Simple so far, yes? WordPress was good, and I got the XML file no bother at all. But when I try to upload said file onto blogger, I get ‘there has been an error uploading your file’.

I thought it was maybe my crappy internet connection, so I left it a minute and tried again. Same thing happened.

I chose WordPress, because I find it so easy to use, and I wouldn’t get annoyed, as everytime I logged into Blogger, it logged me out of YouTube. Which is a HUGE no-no, in my book. And I spent many-a-time using blogger in Google chrome and youtube on firefox, so I could do both. (I don’t think it logs you out anymore, but I dunno.)

So, yeah, if anyone has ANY idea of a way round my lack of blog sync-iness, then please contact me. It’ll be appreciated.

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