Bang goes the schedule—cheers Youtube

So….I try to do a schedule, and apparently Youtube doesn’t like that. Braw…not.

I do have the Vlog ready and waiting, but after 4 attempts I have given up with Youtube, and will try again tomorrow. I can sense everyone is disappointed.

But, in my attempt to kinda keep my word, I am still going to recommend a website, and the vlog will be uploaded whenever I can get YouTube to behave.

So the first website is….Fearne Cotton’s website. For the uneducated, Fearne is a UK television and radio presenter. Her current projects include BBC Radio 1’s morning/afternoon show (Live Lounge), Sky One’s Must Be The Music and ITV’s Celeb Juice. She is a very busy girl, who I have grown up watching her over the last 13/14 years.

Other than being a person I kind of admire, I also really love her website. Fearne seems like a really artistic and that comes across on her website. I think that is a major highlight of this site, that it does seem to really show her personality. It’s the little unique touches that makes the site nice, like the small patterns and sketchy parts, which makes the site seem more ‘hand-made’. Which sounds stupid now I think about it.

I really love the drawing around the comment box.

The whole idea of showing personality through a site, is why I like this site so much.

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