The Future’s Still Unwritten

Noone knows what is going to happen.

Which although seems a simple concept, it can be controversial, especially when religion comes into it. Some religions believe that you have a pre-destined path to take, like someone has already written the plot-line to your life. I guess some people find that idea uplifting, but I find it really depressing.

To think that no matter what you do in your life, that someone else has already planned your life out? How can that be anything but depressing?

I am of the belief that the only person who can decide how your life pans out, is yourself. The reason, I think, that people tend believe that something else is controlling their fates, as if something goes wrong, then they can shift blame from themselves.

People like to wash their hands of responsibility.

But then people will pray to God, in some hope that He will change their life. I’m sorry, but if you don’t stand up and do something for yourself, then how can you be stupid enough to think things will change? But people obviously do, and then blame other people for their own failures. That is just passing the buck.

Take responsibility, go out and make your life yours. Because as the, very inspirational, Hannah Montana says: ‘Life’s what you make it’. If your life is a mess its noone’s fault but your own.

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