Like tech/mobile phone news delivered to you with a comedic twist?

Well check out Jon Quatchi’s Techwaffle site.

Jon used to do Vlogs for Tehkseven, a popular phone site which gave away free themes, and such. He has recently left the successful Tehkseven to start of his own project, Techwaffle. Here he still does his vlogs on mobile news, but he also does things like humourous cartoons.

The Best Way To Combat iPhone 4 Reception Woes

I came across Jon when he did his Phonage vlogs for Tehkseven, and loved his style. Although you’d think that talking about phone specs and software releases may seem pretty boring, Jon has a way of keep the information interesting and fun. It is obvious that all his videos are planned out, with him using various techniques to get a lot of laughs.

Visit Jon on

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