Death of the Interweb

Ok, slight exaggeration.

But yesterday my internet router packed in. It won’t even power up anymore. It wasn’t a progressive thing, it just died. So most of my online activities have been placed on hold, as I can’t access anything. 😦

This sucks when I am trying to start off work things. Luckily thanks to my Blackberry I can still email people and view stuff over that, but I still can’t access large websites. So if anyone wants to contact me about work, either contact me on twitter or email me.

Better news, I entered a competition at my work to take photographs about the arts where you live. Basically you send like an application for it, and 5 people get chosen to take pictures for the competition. The person with the best photos will win a trip to London, where they will get a professional photography lesson. It seems a really great opportunity. So fingers crossed, it goes well.

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