Almost Normal

I kind of touched on this yesterday, but I love the feeling of normality that you get around people who are similar to yourself. The feeling that I’m not strange for liking the things that I do.

When I’m at this festival (Rebellion punk festival), I am not as out-there as some of the people here. Its a strange feeling, that as soon as I walk out out the venue and onto the street, out come the stares and whispered comments. The reactions themselves don’t bother me as much as they used to, in fact I get a sense of satisfaction about it. But sometimes its nice to not have bitchy whispering behind my back. I like that there is no negativity that comes with me being myself.

How much does that say about our society? We are encouraged to be ourselves, but then mocked for doing so. People are still so closed up in their opinions of others that they get all defensive when they see someone act differently to themselves. But this festival, there is none of that. The place is so friendly, and anyone is welcome. Be yourself because that is what punk is about, and to me, festivals like this celebrate that fact.

Forget the trends, fuck what anyone else says, listen to good music and unashamedly be yourself.

Have a good Friday everybody.

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