Music taste, personality trait

Because, I am at a music festival this weekend, it was kind of obvious that I would be talking about music. But I have been thinking about what music says about your personality.

Everyone knows that music creates stereotypes, like listen to Oi! you are a racist thug, listen to happy hardcore dance music, you are a scummy scrounger. I suppose it all has to do with our natural instincts of classifying things. Almost as if, we feel less afraid of something if we put it in its place. This sounds very stupid, but its not like anyone thinks about it. We have to make a genuine effort to not jump to conclusions on someone. And it’s not as easy as it seems.

The best way for someone to stop jumping to conclusions on people, is to think if that’s the way you want to be treated. If you don’t like people judging you, then don’t judge them. Simples.

But because of the very nature of music, then surely it can effect the way a person acts. For instance, dip your toes into the Good Charlotte fandom for a minute, and you’ll see the most dedicated fans in the world. Why are they so dedicated? Because most of them feel that Good Charlotte has inspired them to get through another day. I’m sure that when people start bands, they don’t ever think that they will be deemed saviours of their fans.

All music has an effect on someone, which is what makes a song effective. No matter what the music, even if you don’t like it, for it to even be published, it needs to effect someone. But even ‘hating’ a band, means that said band has effected you in someway, so they are doing their job. People choose what they like because it goes in line with their mood.

It is actually a proven fact (read it somewhere) that people who listen to heavy metal and angry music, tend to be more balanced individuals, who are in tune with their feelings. Then it is also said people who listen to nothing but pop music, set unreachable goals and avoid conflict. Of course, this is all stereotyping, but it is an interesting thought.

Me? I am a big fan of punk rock. It has given me a sense of self, a place to belong. I am longer afraid to do what I want. That sense of motivation comes from being sick letting others decide what I want to do. I wouldn’t be where I am today without punk. From Blink 182, to The Sex Pistols to Discharged, punk is the soundtrack to my life, and I wouldn’t skip a single track.

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