Welcome to Blackpool.

First day at Blackpool has been brilliant.

This year looks to be the busiest, if today is anything to go by. Thursdays are generally the quietest day of the festival, with a lot of people not coming till the Friday.

The place is looked upon as a massive punk rock reunion, and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that is always a highlight of my year. People fly in from all over the world to the festival, as it always seems to manage both a great atmosphere and a fantastic lineup.

Some thing that also really amazes me is the variety of people here. There is no set age for the festival, you have a few guys in their 70s, and then the 16 year olds. It also seems to be popular with families, with loads of mohawked kids running around playing tig. Although most people have unusual hair and band shirts, there is no dress code and anyone is welcome. And it all means that everyone feels welcome and there is an awesome atmosphere.

Bands I’ve seen already today include The Kirkz, Rebel City Radio and Charred Hearts. A bit upset that Middle Finger Salute are on the same time as The Restarts, but that is life, I guess.

Oh well, gonna go and find my pint.


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