Big wheels keep on rollin’…

Aye, so there’s been no updates, due to crap internet, and crap me, being too busy to 😛

Its approaching 1am and I am doing college work. Shocked? So am I.

But seriously, I am seriously close to just bombing this course because I haven’t been bothered by anything the last few weeks. Which has just lead to me being a very stressed out Sue. *sigh* I do this every year. 😦 I wish I had more brainpower sometimes. It would be handy, for when I decide to go and watch videos rather than do college work. *She says as she blogs away*

I am an obsessive person, so things such as vlogging and blogging got in the way of me doing actual work. *sigh* But, again, I can’t blame anyone but myself. I either work slowly, or I stress myself out to the point, I just stare at the PC, completely devoid of emotion. 😦 It’s no good, like.

Anywho gonna put on SLC Punk, and do work when that is on. I have stuff to print out, and scanning to do. And stress lines to deepen across my forehead.  Wish me luck.

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