Digital Economy Act- the reaction

Ok, I have had quite a few comments and emails about yesterdays blog. Useful that none of them occured as comments on the actual blog. 😕 Nice.

Having  a busy day today, so this is just an update. I thought I’d show that are people are as concerned as myself about this blog.

My friend Ryan can’t understand why this has been pushed through. It is a bill of great importance to the British public and can’t understand why they could not have waited till AFTER the election to make a decision.

An anonymous comment on the LiveJournal cross post of yesterdays blog said ‘As if the government need to prove how out of touch with their voters they are.’ I have to agree with this sentiment as they obviously hasn’t been much thought and discussion into the act, I mean a 2 hour debate on the act is not enough. We, the people, need to stand up against the government and show how we feel.

Speaking of showing how you feel, yesterday I said I had contacted my MP, Willie Rennie, about why he DIDN’T vote on the act. Well, I woke up this morning with a reply from him 😮 I know, I was shocked.

The jist of what I said was –

Why were you one of the MPs who DID NOT vote in the approval for the Digital Ecconomy Act? It is a joke that it was rushed through just before Parliment was dissolved. This could potentially penalise every one of your voters with an internet connection.

And he replied-

I agree with you that it’s a bad bill and if our intelligence had shown we had a chance of defeating the Bill I would have been there. Sadly insufficient Labour MPs rebelled. However, we did secure an agreement that regulations would be required after the election and agreed by Parliament. That will give an opportunity to change the arrangements.

So is that an apt reply. It makes sense to me, I suppose why should they vote, when they won’t win. But hold on a sec, is there not a General Election coming up? Could that same mentality be used by hundreds of voters when it comes to picking a candidate. ‘Why should I vote, when the person I want won’t win?’ To be honest, I am very greatful that Mr Rennie replied to me so quickly, he (and his office) are really good at keeping in contact with people. This is the second time I have contacted him, and to be honest he has not disappointed me. Yet. I voted for him last time, and he is very good at making sure that your voice is heard. So unless he does something stupid, I will be voting Lib Dem and Willie Rennie again this year.
Also- something to note, Ofcom is supposed to be monitering the Digital Economny act, and making sure that ISPs stick to the regulations. Well, it is going to take at least a year for Ofcom to create a ‘code of conduct’ which will work. Also, Willie Rennie is not the only political person to say that the Act will be opened for a more in depth discussion after the election. There is talk of it even being repealled. So I guess we working in the Creative Industries just have to wait for a while before we see what the outcome will be.
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