Sorry for lack of updates of late.

I honestly, have not had to much to update about. The most exciting thing that has happened has been me starting a new youtube channel. Called, you guessed it, Riot Graphics.

I actually sat down and taped myself doing some (very bad) type of introduction. It made me feel for every single vlogger on Youtube. It was a disaster, took me about an hour to record the 40 seconds of footage. And even then it was not perfect.

Now I have broke the ‘threshold, I should find it easier doing Vlogs, and feel comfortable talking to a camera. Its not the talking so much that bothers me, its the fact that it is out there for other people to see. :S

Saying that, I doubt anyone really cares all that much about me and my highly irritating voice :S

Anywho, the main reason for me starting a new channel is, so that I can do two things:

1)Improve my blogs, and the variety of which I can do. It kinda give things another dimension, which is nice 🙂

2) Showcase my work. I like the ideas of having my videos run as if they are a slideshow. I just need to do better quality/more reccent work.

Here is my first (poor) attempt at a slideshow vid, using Windows Movie Maker:

This kind of gives an example of ‘what lays ahead’ for me, and the way I want Riot Graphics to be shown to the world. Ok, at the moment, my ‘high experience’ has my videos look like they have been done by an 8 year old. Ach, c’est la vie.:P

Anywho, laters.

*P.S.- ummm you kinda DO NOT want to know how long I have stared at and willed it to tell me to add my videos. Its working now though XD*

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