Preview of the review

Happy Saturday everybody.

Hope all is good in the hood.         And such 😛

I am blogging with my first proper Vlog. Though, I am unsure how I can call it proper as you can tell I suck at it soooooo much. 😦 Oh well.

I am promoting my lovely new camera, the Fujifim A180, becaue I love it. It has a very good video camera, which is a little washedout on its first youtube outing. I can see myself getting a tripod and recording off that. Seeing as it will be more steady than using the webcam on my laptop, which I am using right now.

Planning to recording the pub, both PJs and Creepy’s and also film outside. Now these are different situations, and will show how the video copes with things such as movement and the like.  These seem like good tests of the video. I will also take pictures, but I already know my camera is fantastic at dealing with that.

Yeah, as hard as it sounds, I actually ramble more when I’m talking than I do when I am typing.  🙂

Anyway, trying to get up the intrest, so if you enjoy my crap talking please Rate, Review and Subsribe.  I will love you forever, and will be  your best friend.

Enjoy whats left of your Saturday. xox<—-have some naughts and crosses

**P.S.- product review was unexpected, but I thought I would give it a shot, seeing as I have been watching a ton of them recently**

**also- do not like new youtube to much, I’ll get used to it though**


Sorry for lack of updates of late.

I honestly, have not had to much to update about. The most exciting thing that has happened has been me starting a new youtube channel. Called, you guessed it, Riot Graphics.

I actually sat down and taped myself doing some (very bad) type of introduction. It made me feel for every single vlogger on Youtube. It was a disaster, took me about an hour to record the 40 seconds of footage. And even then it was not perfect.

Now I have broke the ‘threshold, I should find it easier doing Vlogs, and feel comfortable talking to a camera. Its not the talking so much that bothers me, its the fact that it is out there for other people to see. :S

Saying that, I doubt anyone really cares all that much about me and my highly irritating voice :S

Anywho, the main reason for me starting a new channel is, so that I can do two things:

1)Improve my blogs, and the variety of which I can do. It kinda give things another dimension, which is nice 🙂

2) Showcase my work. I like the ideas of having my videos run as if they are a slideshow. I just need to do better quality/more reccent work.

Here is my first (poor) attempt at a slideshow vid, using Windows Movie Maker:

This kind of gives an example of ‘what lays ahead’ for me, and the way I want Riot Graphics to be shown to the world. Ok, at the moment, my ‘high experience’ has my videos look like they have been done by an 8 year old. Ach, c’est la vie.:P

Anywho, laters.

*P.S.- ummm you kinda DO NOT want to know how long I have stared at and willed it to tell me to add my videos. Its working now though XD*