Off-loading frustrations.

I am now another year older, at the grand ol’ age of 26. :/

Spent a lovely night out, which lead to most of today being spend in my bed. *shrugs* Is that not what Sunday’s are there for, are they not?

Anyway, this is just me checking in. Still got a horrible cold, and am still coughing till I vomit, which is not a nice experience.

Also something kind of major happened. Well, its major to me.

Benji Madden won his fight at Ellismania 5 against Riki Rachtman. So happy he won, though. As usual with fights, there is a good guy and a bad guy. And Riki was the mouthy bad guy.  He had been slagging off Benji and Good Charlotte fans, whilst Benji was mostly silent. The thing is now Benji has won (TKO in first round), people have taken to be really mean about Riki. So as always, I find myself defending someone against the wrath of the GC fans. Did it with Paris, Nicole (at the start) and Holly. I mean, people are wishing death on people they have never met.

I am so proud of Benji, he got himself fit, and did what he wanted. Then Benji is always like that. He is so determined. Thats what makes him such a positive role model. He is Mr Posicore.

And that thought, makes me ill.

Anywho, this was a pointless post, but I had to off-load my anger at some peoples attitude against people. 😛

Ciao xx

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