Website designing, or should that be attempting?

Nobody seems to appreciate the amount of planning that goes into making a webpage for anything. Its all coding and very complicated, well complicate till you learn how the coding works.

Anywho, finished my website planning today. Which is nice to have that done and dusted, though I know for a fact its not as good as it should be, because I started rushing. And trust me, it wasn’t for lack of trying, that the work wasn’t done. I mean, I sat in front of the computer for about 8 hours trying to work, and getting nowhere cause I was sick. *sigh*

From having a look at a lot of websites, it seems that a lot of them are written in a ‘blog’ format. I think that this is because it makes the site easy to use, and everybody and their dog seems to have some kind of blogging site these days. *Me, I have like 6 blogs from blog sites and that’s not including Myspace, Twitter, etc*

Website has switched back to Riot Graphics, instead of Phsychobabble. I was put off because there was another site on Myspace called Riot Graphics *:( <—-my face at finding that out*. Well, last night I eventually had the guts to check it out and see what my competition is. It was a site for Paramore graphics and photos. A site which has not been accessed in almost 2 years. You have no idea how relieved that makes me. πŸ™‚ I have talked to a lot of bands through Myspace, as a matter of getting work, and to think that another company had the same name as mine, made me want to cry.

But, all is good on that front, so I decided to go back to Riot Graphics, and used Psychobabble for a project when I get things sorted a bit.

I have been using Riot Graphics for about 3 years now, and I like it. I can even think of how I got the name. Hmmm *thinks*

Anyways, I got to go to the job that is paying for my bills right now 😦

So toodles. xx πŸ˜›

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