Last Night…

It’s taken 24 hours to collect my thoughts on what happened yesterday. What happened yesterday? Well, (in case you don’t follow me on social media) I was going to see Good Charlotte for the first time in 5 years, not just that, I got meet and greet. 

Meet and greet is something contentious in the music scene, right  now. Where artists charge an extra fee, so that fans can meet artists without having to wait outside before or after the event. I have always thought it was not a good thing. Having mostly visiting small venues, with no more than 2,000 fans, it has been okay seeing the band outside the venue. I never saw the point. But when bands upsize to bigger venues, meeting them becomes difficult. That is where meet and greets become more popular. 

Last night, All Time Low‘s Back To The Future Hearts Tour came to Glasgow’s SSE Hydro Arena, and their support was Good Charlotte. Good Charlotte is a band I have been a fan of for 15 years, and who have been a massive impact on me as a person. This is a band, who’s music has helped me through the darkest periods of my life, where I considered giving up completely. 

So if I was going to do Meet and Greet for one band, it was Good Charlotte. Because All Time Low were the main band, their group for the meet and greet was a lot bigger than that for GC. ATL had 56, GC had 5. Yes, 5. We got to meet Good Charlotte and get early access into the venue. Going to the room where we’d meet the band was nerve wrecking. The butterflies were horrendous. But it was great. We had a super casual Q&A session, where it was like the 5 on them at one side of the room, and the 5 of us on the other. I had to pinch myself at one point. Benji Madden then got out his guitar, and we got to pick a song. The one that got the go-ahead was The Motivation Proclamation, my suggestion, as it has always been a favourite song. And they played it acoustically. I believe I did cry at that part. Slightly. And then we got photos. A picture taken by one of the tour managers.

 And another one, a selfie taken by Joel Madden (which would have killed me as a 16 year old).  

 Then there was lots of hugs, more small chat, then it was over. We got a GC bag, shirt and signed poster. It was beyond anything I ever thought it would be. To be able to say thank you, personally, to the band who made me who I am today, was priceless. 

We then got out early access to the venue, and got to the barrier. Funnily enough, I got to the same general area that I would get seeing GC in a smaller venue. Stage left. Between Benji Madden and Paul Thomas. Was so happy.  

 I sang along every word, and the band were as flawless as normal. I have missed them so much.  

The set list was as below: 

The Anthem

The Story of My Old Man

My  Bloody Valentine

Girls & Boys

Riot Girl

Makeshift Love

The River

Dance Floor Anthem 

I Just Wanna Live

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

Because I saw the band I loved, I let the bigger All Time Low fans into the barrier, and I went for a drink. This is the way I have always done concerts, the biggest fans deserve to be at the front. I do like ATL, but I didn’t think it was fair to take up barrier space for bigger fans. It’s gig ettiquite. 

If you have ever considered doing meet and greet, do it. Other’s may speak ill of it, but that’s because they have never done it. I have achieved something I have dreamed of for 15 years, almost half my life. If you work hard, and you really want to you should do it. It really was one of the best experiences of my life,  and it really is a good idea if you are attending a big venue that offers it. Both the Good Charlotte and All Time Low meet and greets were organised by Future Beat, who do a lot of VIP deals for events. If you can, give meet and greets a chance, because it really is an opportunity for people to achieve their dreams.

Good (Charlotte) Monday?

I have spent all day listening to music. Now, I don’t mean the usual ‘I can’t make up my mind, so I’ll put my ipod on shuffle’ kind of mood. Usually I have to be in a certain mood to do that, unless its a new band or album, and I obsessively play that music till I’m sick of it.

But today, I was tactically listening to, wait for it, Good Charlotte. I’m gonna be honest, I like to call myself some kind of uber-fan when it comes to Good Charlotte, but I don’t really listen solidly to their music for hours on end. Not like I used to, anyway. I mean, music to me is an emotional experience, so I like to listen to something that matches my emotions. For example, Municipal Waste is my angry music right now, because, well the music is a tad shouty and GRRR.
But anyway, today, I solidly listened to Good Charlotte. I watched videos, read articles and this feeling came over me. I felt proud. I know it seems stupid being proud of a band that don’t know I exist, but I can’t help it. I have been a fan of this band for 10 years, that is over a third of my existance on this planet. And they are still going so strong. I am guessing its what a parent feels when their kid does well.

Longevity is a big issue in modern music, what with the endless ‘talent’ vomited out by TV shows every year. So every band that remains a success for a long time, on their own talent, should be honoured. And to know that Good Charlotte have stood the test of time and are now winning over the critics, why shouldn’t I be proud? They are not existing in name only, they tour, they make albums and the most important part, they talk to their fans.

That takes me to the big reason, why at 27 years old, I am so fond of this band. The fans. Or GCFam. Whilst, yes, as a group there are some disagreements there is so much support there. No matter what a person goes through, the friends they have in the GCFam will support them regardless. Which for having friends from a mostly online community, is maybe frowned on by some, but that’s just because they don’t understand how close people can become.

I’ll shout it from the roof tops that I am a Good Charlotte fan, and I don’t care what people will say back to me. I’ll ask them if their favourite band gave them friends for life, if their favourite band inspired them to be where they are now. I just am protective about the band, which is strange. But when you make such a personal connection to something, you can’t help wanting to protect it. You want to keep them safe from harm, and it seems a bit strange, but its true. Its the truth of what a band can mean to so many people.

Good Charlotte are the truth.

Twitter Unbalanced?

I use twitter A LOT!

It is a place I joined to get to know friends from other sites more. Which is something the site has done so well. It was mostly people from The Leaky Cauldron, Youtube and various Good Charlotte sites. Actually, mostly the Good Charlotte sites, as the GCfam are just brilliant. And twitter has brought me closer to them, and to the band themselves.

But recently I have noticed a few strange going-ons. First is people using the site to advertise themselves for work, and don’t make any personal statements or anything. And I just miss the point of that. You use the site to get to know people, even if it is purely those in the same industry as you, but simply retweeting people does not use the site to it’s capabilities.

The second thing, its fanbases trying to beat each other. Mostly its Lady Gaga Vs Justin Beibers (or Monsters Vs Beliebers), and they try to knock each off the trending topic lists. :S Again, most of it is spam, and doesn’t do anything bar get on peoples nerves. In fact, coincidentally, both acts are becoming very close to over-saturating the market. That is basically getting to the point where instead of making new fans, you annoy people and get less fans. It is the golden rule of advertising, don’t over-do it. And the fans don’t realise that they could be negatively effecting their idol’s sales.

But, twitter is a tool. And the reported interest 0f Google, to purchase the service for as much as $10 million. Watchers say that this inflated price could be the sign of another internet bubble about to go POP. The reason they say this is because they struggle to validate the site being worth that kind of money, especially when advertising and promotion have only been launched recently.

I guess time will tell with twitter. I love it, so as long as it still works, I don’t mind, really. Just don’t change it too much.


Going to go out today to take some photos.

I am working a couple of hours extra today, and would like to do something with my day, other than just work. So, heading to bank as I need to find out information to get my PayPal account verified. So I’ll get that done today, and then I have a few clients that can pay me via PayPal, seeing as they don’t want to deal bank-to-bank.

The headaches of doing things for people and them not wanting to pay. It’s like people expect me do give them free things, just out of the kindness of my heart. I mean, I can give things away to an extent, but not to the organising 40 flashbook pages for a business that is already doing well. Considering all the images had to be cleaned up, some re-sketched, and categorised, it was a lot of work to expected as a freebie. I did say a tattoo would be adequate payment, but they didn’t like that idea. -.-

So, I’m using it as an excuse to head up into town, take some pictures, and buy nothing. Because I am still broke. :S Still, it’s better than sitting around here all day. Doing nothing. Well till 3pm, considering that’s when I start work. I may continue to do nothing at work, but, sssshhhhhh, don’t tell anyone.

As you can tell, I am in a random mood today, possibly made possible, because I can say that I should be seeing GC at the flipside of this weekend. If you don’t know that GC is Good Charlotte, and are my absolute favourite band in the world, then :P. It has to be said that Good Charlotte fans (the GCfam) are awesome and are some of my best friends. I have had a lot of ‘inner problems’ in the last few weeks, mostly over-stress, and they are the best support ever.



friends forever

I probably haven’t done anything that would warrant me needing a relaxing day, I am still going to have one.

Feel very satisfied right now with the friendships I have. Friends are some of the most important people in someone’s life. They motivate you, can make you laugh, make you cry, make you feel good about yourself, and most of all, they make you feel supported. As people grow older, friendships change, but you know that even without contact, your friend still ‘has your back’.

Unlike family, you can chose your friends, and that is what makes them so special. You spend time with people you ‘click’ with. And that makes you happy.

And with the magic of the internet, person can contact more people who have similar personalities to them. Most of my online friends, I have met through Good Charlotte, either from websites or even from seeing GC live. These are girls who know me better than some of my real life friends.

But whether school, college, work or websites, its the people who we take with us on our life journey that really matter.

Mates come and go, true friends are there for life.

Off-loading frustrations.

I am now another year older, at the grand ol’ age of 26. :/

Spent a lovely night out, which lead to most of today being spend in my bed. *shrugs* Is that not what Sunday’s are there for, are they not?

Anyway, this is just me checking in. Still got a horrible cold, and am still coughing till I vomit, which is not a nice experience.

Also something kind of major happened. Well, its major to me.

Benji Madden won his fight at Ellismania 5 against Riki Rachtman. So happy he won, though. As usual with fights, there is a good guy and a bad guy. And Riki was the mouthy bad guy.  He had been slagging off Benji and Good Charlotte fans, whilst Benji was mostly silent. The thing is now Benji has won (TKO in first round), people have taken to be really mean about Riki. So as always, I find myself defending someone against the wrath of the GC fans. Did it with Paris, Nicole (at the start) and Holly. I mean, people are wishing death on people they have never met.

I am so proud of Benji, he got himself fit, and did what he wanted. Then Benji is always like that. He is so determined. Thats what makes him such a positive role model. He is Mr Posicore.

And that thought, makes me ill.

Anywho, this was a pointless post, but I had to off-load my anger at some peoples attitude against people. 😛

Ciao xx