Happy days

I don’t know if it’s due to me having no classes, but I am all chilled out today. I missed the bus, and rather than getting all pissy, I went for a walk. Which makes a change, because I am one of these people, who gets stressed at the slightest thing. I think its helped that it is a really nice day. Its got me all ready to come into college and do work. Which I would do, but the chav class in the room, are distracting me. I can’t focus when they have no idea how to use their ‘indoor voices’. Sometimes I think I am at a nursery, not a college.

I am a simple person and it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I mean beer, iPod, sketchbook and crisps, made me extremely hyper when I was heading up to Aberdeen on Friday. And that really is as little as it takes to cheer me up. I seem to work better when I’m stressed, but I don’t know if that’s just cause I leave everything to the last minute.

But the weather is nice, so I think that also impacts on my work and mood. I mean if it is pouring down with rain, then I don’t want to leave my bed, and that leads to me being lethargic all day. Uch.

Saying that, at least the snow seems to finally be gone. Though I have a sneaking suspicion it may return, just because it doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere.

Anyway, this was not supposed to be a blog about the weather, which it turned out to be, but it is a thought that the weather impacts everything we do. Although we may not think about it. It must come from nature, because I suppose in bad weather, we would have naturally taken cover. But now that is not necessary, but it is expectected that we would still retain some of that instinct, to retract away from the bad weather. Oh well.
And whilst I remember…

…I dyed my hair, and got a new tattoo. Good times, indeed.

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