What A Weekend Should Be

This weekend, was a relaxing one. Reuniting with old friends, and having a stress-free time.

Glee- Don’t Stop Believin’ —–song of the weekend.

Was the most social weekend I have had in a while, and went out on both the Friday and Saturday. Gemma is a Primary School teacher, and Sharon is a trainee lawyer. What is great, is that although we are 3 completely different people, and although we met at school, we are still close. Its good. Though life does separate most people, its such an achievement, when you can say that you have gotten through that, and can still call schoolmates friends, almost 8 years after leaving school.

We went to a flat in the Bridge of Don, on Friday, and I got slightly sozzled drinking too much whisky. Also realised that if, someone is getting very drunk, I automatically stop drinking, which is something I never used to do. I guess I seem to have fallen into being a responsible drinker, and I have no idea when that happened. Saying that I have never been a heavy drinker, as I’d rather spend my money on something else, more worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “What A Weekend Should Be

    1. Yeah, I know it sucks.
      It seems to have been everywhere this weekend, so thought I would share.
      That’s just how considerate I am. 🙂

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