I am melting

I am a winter person. I have probably said that before. But I am. My body type is like a human radiator, sometimes. I rarely get too cold, always get too hot. Which means I am not sleeping, which means I am not being productive. Basically, it is taking all my willpower not to simply ‘do nothing’ when I come home from work. Everything feels gross and sticky, and I can’t sleep.

At least the days have been nice, and I was able to go for walks down to the beach.

Round And Round

I am finding life rather monotonous right now. I know, that not every day can be super exciting and fun, but it is routine that I find boring. It sounds daft, but day-to-day life can get boring. And it is frustrating.


Well, routine bores me, but it also calms down my anxiety. Which leaves me with a bit of a conundrum. If I try to leave too much to luck, and ‘wing it’, normally something will end up causing me to panic. But I get bored when everything gets stuck on the same routine. It gets to the point, where I feel like I am running in automatic pilot.

It is fear of the unknown that normally gets under my skin. I get nervous when things just ‘happen’, because I don’t know how my brain is going to react. Sometimes, I completely over-react, and start panicking because my brain is focused on the worst possible outcome. But half the time, I am fine, there is no adverse reaction, and I can just roll with whatever is going on. And I because I don’t know what way things are going to go, a lot of the time I just stick to my routine, and stay away from any risk. Which is a good idea, in one sense, but it can also be suffocating.

It comes down to balance. But, how do you find that balance?

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Bridged A Gap

The Queensferry Crossing is due to open by September 2017.

The Forth Rail Bridge opened in March 1890.

Sometimes it is crazy to see how far engineering has come. And it has been great to see this new bridge take shape.


When complete, the Firth of Forth will be a rare sight of 3 different style bridges all built in 3 different centuries all side-by-side. It’s pretty cool.


Sometimes I wonder how differently people see the world. I don’t mean what they actually are looking at, but what is their focal point?

For example, the picture below, is a photo I took today. A rainy day in Dunfermline. Now, my focus was the town clock, which is where the town centre is located. It is a building that stands out in the centre of Dunfermline. But, whilst my intention was to focus on the City Chambers and it’s big clock, the first thing that everyone else sees are the ‘To Let’ signs that hang outside the empty shops.

It is pretty strange when you start thinking about people’s individual perception on things. When I was younger, I thought what I thought, and anything else was simply wrong. But, that’s not right. People perceive things differently, and come up with their own conclusions.

I find that kind of beautiful really. That everyone perceives everything slightly differently. They have their own thoughts and feelings that could impact any choice they make. It all depends on how they view things.