What A Weekend Should Be

This weekend, was a relaxing one. Reuniting with old friends, and having a stress-free time.

Glee- Don’t Stop Believin’ —–song of the weekend.

Was the most social weekend I have had in a while, and went out on both the Friday and Saturday. Gemma is a Primary School teacher, and Sharon is a trainee lawyer. What is great, is that although we are 3 completely different people, and although we met at school, we are still close. Its good. Though life does separate most people, its such an achievement, when you can say that you have gotten through that, and can still call schoolmates friends, almost 8 years after leaving school.

We went to a flat in the Bridge of Don, on Friday, and I got slightly sozzled drinking too much whisky. Also realised that if, someone is getting very drunk, I automatically stop drinking, which is something I never used to do. I guess I seem to have fallen into being a responsible drinker, and I have no idea when that happened. Saying that I have never been a heavy drinker, as I’d rather spend my money on something else, more worthwhile.



Today has decided that it’s going to be a WordPress blog only, in preperation of syncing it with my website, Psychobabble.

So this is going to  more active. Need to build up what influences me and things, and after reading a few blogs, taking daily pictures, is a good way to get across influences and what I am feeling. I do take my camera a lot of places with me, but I still get embarassed at getting it out and taking pictures. I don’t know why.

So after my ‘a look a day in the mirror’ thing helped me get a better body image about myself. So by taking pictures everyday, I hope to get a good stock of images, and help get my photography skills, a bit better. Good idea, or bad idea? I guess only time  will tell.

So just to get things off and running, here is a picture of a Yoshi painting I did a while ago. Something I am quite proud of .

Also decided to get away for the weekend, to de-stress, as I am driving myself crazy, about things I won’t go into here. But to summarise, it is mostly college work,  money issues and family issues. So basically everything, which is my life is currently going a bit wrong. Which is a bit of a stinker.

Anyway, I am heading to Aberdeen, to see Gemma and Sharon, who I went to school with. We left school almost 8 years ago, and we are still good friends. That has to say something. So, I’m really looking forward to getting away from Fife, even if it is just for a few days. Should do me, and my head, some good.


Yeah, I skipped College today. There was 2 reasons for it.

1) I am skint and my bus pass ran out yesterday, so physically can’t afford college, unless I chance it with an out of date bus pass. Which I don’t want to do, cause they may just take the pass off me, including my college card. Which they have done before.

2) I was very, very upset yesterday. Im hoping I am just ‘dipping’ because my meds have been changed, but I dont think thats it. I was so close to phoning the Samartians because I just wanted to throw myself of something and end it all. Pretty severe, when you think that the medication is supposed to stop me feeling like that. But after I blogged, I went to the toilets and had a cry.

Anyways. I lay in bed this morning reading Death Note, and feeling sorry for myself. When I am like that, I am better just lying, locked away from everyone, cause I’ll just say something stupid.

I still haven’t done any work, although I sat and drew at my work last night. I say I draw, it wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was all I could do from walking out of my work last night, and never going back. Whats bugging me, is that how am I supposed to make sure I am doing everything for a customer, when the call center manager is on my back telling me to hurry up and get on the next call. If I need to email another department, I can’t. And that is not helping me at all, when I am feeling this stressed.

Just focusing on Saturday, where I’ll be up in Aberdeen with two of my oldest friends, Sharon and Gemma. Its Gemma’s birthday night out. I’m just looking to clear my head, so am really looking forward to it. Its kind of like the light at the end of the tunnel. Reminds me, I need to get Gemma and Sharon bday things on Friday, when I get paid.