Up and at’em.

Well I’m up anyway.

I’m sitting here, still trying to get this design theory done, and what do I do? I decide to open up a website. I was sitting around last night, and I was thinking that I need to do something different, get an actual piece of the internet, that’ll represent me completely.
And that’s when I thought of Psychobabble. The word itself means, something that may only make sense to one person. And that’s kind of representive of me in general.
The word itself came into my head, when I was walking home after a dead end shift on Kana, which is the Sky Help Centre, where customers can email in, rather than phone. It was everything from, ‘you bastards for not refunding me for a box office i never watched, but never told you there was an issue till now’, to ‘I am 18 and want a job in your Uddingston call centre in Glasgow’. But it was a nice break from ‘my sky isn’t working cause there’s snow on the dish’. Ugh. SO anyway..,I was thinking I need a way to get out of this job, so really need to jump on the whole freelancer, lets get my own work thing.

And thats when I started thinking about what kind of website I would like, well it would be slightly crazy and bright. The reason I am starting on the website is because whilst I have limited knowlege on building a website, I have no idea how to get a domain name, etc. So that’s the main point of this. I learn more when I just work through things myself, so thats what I’m attempting.
See how it goes.

Its something I have NEVER done before, so it may all go dramatically wrong. But I’ll never know if I don’t try. So wish me luck.
In the next coming days, the logo will be done, and I’ll be getting hosting and domain name sorted, hopefully.

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