Well I am still writing this god forsaken essay on the history of Illustration. I know what it is I need to write, and what I want to say, but after 5 days, I have two paragraphs. So its getting there, but I think a snail has a faster pace than this essay.

Sooo, giving up for a bit to do the work on the artists. Because I think that will hold my attention more, as I have a thing about talking about artists. So hopefully that will go a bit better. *fingers crossed*

So the movement and artists. I am focusing on two artists per movement.

Art Nouveau- Henri Toulouse-Lautrec & Alphonse Mucha

Arts & Crafts – Eric Gill & Walter Crane

Bauhaus- Paul Klee & Wassily Kandinsky

Futurism- Wladimir Burliuk & Gino Severini

For my essay.
As I have already said, I am doing illustration. So first of all I am going to do the history of illustration, which I am currently working through. I need to mention two movements which were of importance to illustration. And then pick two artists from each movement, and why they I view them as important to illustration, and its progression through the ages.

Kind of confused with which I should do. So I’ll do my artist work for my sketch book first. And then take it from there.
*crosses fingers*

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