Back to reality

And realising I am totally screwed.
Sitting trying to write an essay on the history of Illustration, my brain has frazzled, its offical.
I don’t know why I leave EVERYTHING to the last minute, I do it all the time.

I am also feeling like a big blob of nothing today. I mean the state of me is horrible. I have put on wieght in the last year, because I was stressed, and to ease stress, I eat. And that just makes me more stressed, its just a big circle. 😦 Its also having the worst effect on my skin. I mean my whole body is covered in dry, nasty skin, and its so itchy. So, I’m going to have to start moisturising my whole body, to try and help ease the itchiness. And I am lazy, and moisturising takes me ages, cause I seem to have a lot to cover. So to make me feel better, I had a bath this morning, and then covered everything in moisturiser. To be honest it made me feel a lot more confortable. But the thought of having to go through that process every day, before college, is not doing anything for my lazy. I am expert at getting up and washed 10 minutes before I’m due to leave the house. But this means I am actually going to have to get a morning schedule, and be awake enough to adhere to said schedule.
I also am getting all the vitamins I should be eating as a vegetarian, as I don’t think I am helping matters by not getting the right nutrients in my body. Which was made apparent, when in early December I was advised to eat fish off my doctor, due to me very sickly. So major attempt 2 at vegetarianism, and I am going to try and eat more than macaroni cheese and cheese on toast.. On a good thing, I had quite a hefty dose of veggies yesterday. But I am still not having a very big appetite. Its odd, and so unlike me. Also looking to get into swimming more, and thinking about joining a class. Dunno what kind of class, but something that I could go to, which would help me get a bit fitter.

Sounds like some sort of plan.

One step at a time though, and the main thing is the moisurising thing, because I can not live with this itchy skin.

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