Shinigami Like Apples

Actually quite happy for a Monday.
Although I have spent all weekend watching and reading Death Note. I seriously am dreading the Hollywood remake of it. They are supposedly moving the story from Japan to LA. The fact that the story is set in Japan, and that that is a major factor throughout the plot. Stupid Hollywood, why can’t you leave things alone. Its bad enough I can no longer think of anyone but Zac Efron playing Light, but then they say, he might not do that. Eugh.

Also, why am I the only person who thinks that Misa and Matsuda would have made a good couple, rather than Misa and Light. Both Misa and Matsuda are immature and childish in how they act. I think they’d have this understanding that Light doesn’t have with Misa.

Anyways, if you are wondering why there is an absence of college mentioning in this blog, then that is because I have done sweet FA all day and all weekend. Talk about fail. I sat on Cafe World again *rolls eyes*. Well that and was reading stuff on Death Note and Saiyuki. Kinda obsessed with them both.

Get more Death Note on Friday. YAAAAASSSS!!!
I also get paid on Friday. YAAAAASSSS!!!!
And Aberdeen on Saturday. YAAAASSSSS!!!!

*Thats a lot of yass-ing*

*Also incidentally, there is someone called Misa Matsuda lol*

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