Was pretty productive again today at college. When I say productive, it means I was working on my project all the time I was in college. I stayed away from the computers, so I wasn’t distracted by facebook, or twitter. I mean I waste all my free time, on stupid things such as them. Its always FarmVille and Bejewelled that I spend ages on. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing stupid games, but its horrible when I know I have more important things I should be doing. I am spending ages on my thumbnails, which is me being behind. I was supposed to be on developement, so I’m a stage behind. But I am putting a hell of a lot of work on it now, which is something I wasn’t doing before.

In the money front, I was budgeting my £14 for the rest of the week (till I get paid next friday) and my dad said ‘I can give you £20 if you want’. And I thought ‘woo hoo’ more money to spend -.- That is not the way this is supposed to go. Let me budget, and I can make money last, but give me more, and I’ll just spend it all on nothing, probably. *rolls eyes* I mean I have already had a loaner of Paul, a mate a college, and I really don’t want to be owing more people money. Its not like I don’t pay it back, its just I hate having to resort to borrowing. I am in such a mess this month. I am writing out an action plan for when my wages come back, and who I owe money to.

I usually get paid £700ish, so I pay £80 for digs
£39.for phone
£50 for nationwide
£50 for Mint
£20 to Paul
£20 to dad, if i take it.
So thats about £260. Which is ok, if I can do that.

Big If.

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