Everything is pretty much back to normal. 9-4.30 is college, 6-11 is work.

Any extra time is spent on college work, or additional personals. I feel like I can cope with it all, but we’ll see how long that lasts. I am trying to keep myself motivated with everything. I mean its quiet at work, and I have been doing research for college prijects.

 Main things I need to sort:

*Creative Industries- present outcome 1 on a board for Chris

*Mixed Media- see if I can finish that dreaded frame

*Scan in work, deviant has been a bit neglected—oops

*Adobe. Adobe suite NEEDED. Seeing as my laptop decided to feck it all up.

*External harddrive- Need to buy me one. So I can store things without having to panic that the laptop will fail

And pretty much, try and stay on top of things. Well, I guess time will show how that will go.

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