I had a bit of a lie in today, before I headed into college.

Well, actually, I went and booked myself in for a tattoo, for Friday first. Its going to be two dices one with a ‘3’ and the other at ‘4’. Its going to have the dices warped and melting, with blue flames, as if the dices are on fire. Ok, it sounds wierd, but I think its gonna be cool. Oh, and its gonna be on my forearm, so…..this sleeve I want to get is well on its way. Coincidentally, the sum of the numbers which is on the dices are 7 and this will be my seventh tattoo. Odd.

 Also did work at college O.o

I finished outcome 1 for Creative Industries and handed it to Chris.

I did my own information/ report thing for Information design

and then it was time to head to work. Busy, busy.

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