Backwards in coming forwards

This morning I went to switch on my laptop to get a message saying that Windows was unable to boot. I couldn’t even start windows in safe mode.
I phoned HP and was on the phone for 45 minutes between 4 different numbers and was offered no help. Which was a major pain in the ass.
I then phoned the Tech Guys, who supply my cover from Currys, and was on the phone to them for 5 minutes and they got things moving again.
The only issue is that I had to return the laptop to the factory settings, so its back to square one and I have nothing on my pc.
The only good thingabout that is that I now have photoshop cs4 trial installed. Hooray.
I’m having to put loads of songs back into my itunes again.

I am so happy, I thought it was going to end up costing me money and it hasn’t.
I can’t say how relieved I am

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