Not so much fail as I thought

Well, despite all my whining I was doing before, I am not as bad off as I thought I was.
I am still motivated, so I have been doing a lot of drawings in my sketchbook and that. So I am still being creative. Just being a bit peeved I have to use MS Paint to scan anything in, which is just in inconvienience really. I mean Paint is pants.
I have been playing with Corel Painter, but you need a lot of practice to work it properly. I can make a good mess on it though :D

I did eventually get round to painting my hand (no, not that one), which I don’t hate. I love watercolour, and its nice to be able to use it too let of some frustration.

I have an another attendance hearing at work. Oops, maybe I should cut down on the sicky days. I have tried, and its not my fault I had the flu. I mean I couldn’t talk, so I couldn’t do my job. Stupid work.

Anyway, I am enjoying my job more, and despite being more skint than I ever thought possible, I am generally quite happy.

Slightly anxious about the whole brother/army/Afghanistan thing, but I have already blogged my two cents about that

But, for once in my life, I am chilled and happy.
Something tells me to make the best of it whilst I still can.

Oh, and because I have been listening to Black Flag and Anti-Flag all day and am in fact drawing a flag, its Flag Day. So happy flag day

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