Techology? Enough please.

I seriously can’t take it.
After the almighty Windows fail of yesterday, I switched on my laptop today and it tells me their is no audio device driver. It was there last night. How did it vanish over night.
I did manage to go to the HP site and download it, and i have it now.

I am supposed to be tidying up, but I obviously got distracted by important things, like blogging.
I am finishing my flag drawing. Which is supposed to be a tattered flag, and the message is going to be like a thing like ‘how united is country where its lying in tatters’ or something like that.

Also been inspired by the reccent Harry Potter competition and am aiming to create something for Fleur Delacour for Wednesday the 29th July. Whether or not I am ready for then will mean that I’d have to hold off till friday the 31st. (which may well happen as I am working all day Monday, tuesday, Wednesday of that week).
I have something in my head very blue, and ice queen like, mostly because she is part Veela, and that is how I imagine the Veelas being in my head.

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