Why the hell have I become so dependant on computer software. I mean I never used to use anything, just paint and draw. And now the software has gone tits up, I feel so lost.

I think I like the security that I can view pieces on my computer, before I post them. I have a hand I am going to paint, and then Im going to scan in my sketch book.  I’ll get that all done tonight.

Its kinda nice to focus on painting and that. I mean I spent all afternoon yesterday sitting painting in the garden. Which was something I haven’t done in forever.  And it felt so nice.

I have totally fell in love with art reccently, and it is such a stressbuster in my life, and I can’t say how much I appreciate being able to do things like paint and draw. Its been such a major part in my whole life, and it always will be.

The best thing about coming back to my art, is that I am to see where I’ve improved. Like my portraits are slightly less alien-looking that what they used to be. And I can also see my own style developing with my draw, which I suppose is me showing the way I feel most comfortable.  I suppose I am quite a sketchy drawer, but I like looking at things like that as well.

I suppose it shows a lot of expression, and I like that in comparission to works which are strict and realistic. I mean of course that is beautiful, but to me it may not express me, personally. Which is why I got into art.

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