Summer of fail

Ok, now one of the main things I need to edit my paintings and drawings i have done is photoshop. And my Adobe CS3 has ‘fatal errored’ over the last two days, leading to me deinstalling the whole thing.


I dont have a working copy at home. So I thought I could install the CS4 trial untill I could get CS3 back. But the stupid thing is refusing to install.

So before I had a dead CS3, and now i have an uninstallable cs4. And the Adobe website is useless in giving any support. The tool they give, can’t even detect the photoshop files I’m having an issue with. So good help there, Adobe. Pat on the back for you.

I am giving it a break, I’m deleting it all and starting from square one tomorrow. Despite me whining a lot, this blog is to say that I am not gonna be uploading much in the next while (unless someone can give me my beloved cs3 back).

I may photograph my sketchbook, and paintings and the like. I have like 3 commissions that i cannot do, I am sending them photos of sketches and stuff, and its going ok so far. But I can’t do anything digitally.

I feel like I’ve lost a limb. šŸ˜¦

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