Summer fun

Not exciting as it should be this year, mostly cause I’m having to be restrictive with my cashflow. :/

Plan is to force myself into being creative regularly. I know it sound odd, but I really cannot mess up college again next year. So by motivating myself over the summer, I hope that I can continue it into college.
My aim is to create 2 pieces per day. That includes when I go out places.
It can be traditional or digital, as long as I attempt to do something.
Hopefully, when I get in the swing of things, I will continue this work ethic.
Thats what it is, because its no longer just a passtime. I am hoping to make a living out of this. So I need to stop kidding on and be serious.

On a good note, walked the two miles to work today, which sounds good. If I hadn’t lazed around all weekend doing very little, cept eat.

I swear I am two steps forward, one step back.
So that this has a better feel, I will also be posting any creations on here and all my blogs. This is to show I am an active worker, and to create like a show of my work.

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