Still in bed sick, so have been reading plenty of articles on many topics. From the issues of Google providing all services for free, to more stuff on advertising.  Trying to keep my brain active.

But the articles I enjoy reading the most, are the ones that give you a genuine insite to the artist, and lets you know what makes them tick. It gives any of their work you see, a whole new different level, because you may be able to understand where they are coming from.

I take a lot of my inspirtion from the world around me. Like when I was younger, I had this vivid imagination, which would almost paint the world around me. It was like everything was created in a way that i would connect it. Like I remember, there was a big paper mill near where I grew up. I used to picture it as a huge sculpture, and it used to amaze me. Whilst this building was hated in the town, mostly because of its massive size, I loved it. I think its because it was there, and no-one could stop it, despite what people said about it.

papermill Near where i used to live
papermill Near where i used to live

Unfortunately, the mill hasn’t been used for many years, and its supposed to be getting knocked down to build houses on. This saddens me. This is a huge peice of local history, and I do think its beautiful. If I had the money I’d buy it and restore it. I mean It could be used for art space, it could document the paper industry and the impact it had on the local area. But no. The council can make more money from knocking it down, and build houses that only commuters from Edinburgh can afford. This old building has given a lot to the community, is it not time the community look after it, rather than make more indenti-kit houses.

That kind of thing makes my blood boil, rather than look after what we have already got, and make it usable, we erase everything and start again. Its disgraceful. But this is the kind of thing which motivates me. Because I hope, that maybe I can create something, which has an effect on someone, the way that old Mill effected me. If you can make one person think about something which wouldn’t usually cross their mind, are you not doing your job as an artist. After all is that not what all designers, artists, actors, musicians, etc,  want? To be able to challenge thoughts, and start discussions.

I guess my attitude on art and things, is also shown by my taste of music. I am a major punk fan. I love the music, the style and the messages they convey. On the outside, people always see the punk movement as being very restrictive and monotonous. But when you become a part of the movement, or even see it up close, it is very motivational. The punk ethos is usually seen as doing things for yourself, and saying ‘fuck you’ to those who come against you. Which can be translated as saying, push yourself, despite what stands in your way.

The way I look at it is, that there is only one person in this world who can create your path in life, and its you. So you need to take responsibility and take your life where you want it to go. Too many people use excuses as to why they haven’t done what they wanted in life. If you haven’t tried your best at something, how can you complain that you are unsatisfied? If you haven’t put in your all, how can you switch the blame onto someone else?

But that’s what I like to surround myself with, things which make me motivated. As I want to give myself every chance at getting what I want out of life.

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