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I am melting

I am a winter person. I have probably said that before. But I am. My body type is like a human radiator, sometimes. I rarely get too cold, always get too hot. Which means I am not sleeping, which means … Continue reading

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Weather, It Helps

How many times do you read about mental health being affected by the seasons and weather? How many times have you scoffed at that idea? I have done that a lot. Mostly because my mental health goes up and down … Continue reading

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In Scotland, people often joke that out of the entire summer season, we will maybe get 2/3 days of actual sunshine. Well, today was one of those days. I am a person who is suited to the cold. Always have … Continue reading

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Challenge: 5 Photos

Bit bored tonight, so thought I would get a wee bit creative. Well, creative in that I am posting a photo post on a Saturday. Yeah, I’m lazy. So I am going through try and post 5 of my favourite … Continue reading

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Bad Sue hasn’t been updating again. Sorry about that. I just haven’t had the motivation. The day job has left me so jiggered, that bar live tweeting the World Cup, I haven’t really been online. Sometimes a break is good … Continue reading

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Although I am a winter lover, i also love the summer. My favourite thing to do is to get up early and read in my garden. A time of relaxation, where the sun heats up the air slowly. Because it … Continue reading

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July Playlist

I have 8,116 songs on iTunes. This is great, but sometimes a little overwhelming. I can’t decide what to listen to, and sometimes putting your iPod on shuffle doesn’t do it. So, I decided to go through my iTunes and … Continue reading

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