Its melted in the heat

First off. what about this heat. It is unbearable, I’d rather it was winter all year round. This is crazy.  College was unbelievably hot.  At least its cooler here at work.

I was working on my animation today, which, thank god, is finally coming together. Its getting handed in on Friday, completed. So it looks like I may hand things in this semester. Woo hoo. I know Im repeating next year, but at least if I do some of the stuff, the second semester wont be quite so stressful. Hopefully.

I am trying not to stress out, and am just trying to get my animation finished at the moment. If I look at all I need to do, I will totally freak out. Which I do like to do, apparently. Im gonna try and get my animation sketch book done tonight when i fiinsh work. And that’d be another thing out of the way.

I have a list, and slowly Im making my way through it.

To do- Finish animation

               Do animation sketch book

              Evaluate animation project

              Finish McDonalds

               Present in final boards

             Make corrections with Graded Unit

             Evaluate Graded Unit

             Present in final boards

            Burn aniamation to CD and design cover


Looks a lot more when its written down

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