Motivated out the window

Its happened again, already. I have no motivation,I’m having to force myself to do this animation. I have to hand it in finished, on Friday. Fingers crossed it’ll be done on time. Gonna try and do some tonight.

I was going to do it last night, but i was distracted cause everyone in my house was awake. Usually its silence when i go home from work , and it means i can sit in the dining room and get work finished. But not last night. They were all everywhere, and making way too much noise, which is no good when i am so easily distracted.

I am planning in doing a lot of overtime at Sky (call centre) over the next few months, because I could really do with having some extra funds, especially for buying new supplies. A lot of the paints I have, are either run out or have dried out.  I need to get good quality materials. Which I really need. Might get into drawing again. I love art.

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