Successful or not

OK, today was another medium day, with the volume of work I got done. Web design, was pretty horrible. For the sheer fact, that to operate Dreamweaver I need to concentrate, so I don’t make a mistake writing up the CSS, and my mind was going 100 miles in the other direction, its an absolute headache.  Going to try and get Art And Design Context done tonight when I go home after work. So that means another 4 am bedtime.

I feel like I am working so hard at the moment, but because its spread over so many things, its hard to cover everything. I mean I am well chuffed that despite this years college failure, I am still able to pick up jobs on my own.  Its quite a confidence booster.

But with me beating myself up about college, it seems to neutralise itself out. I just have to stay positive, and try to get whats needed done. I’m trying not to panic, but that seems to be what I’m best at.

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