Slow Progress

It feels like every thing I am doing at the moment is, two steps forward and one step back.  Which is not the way this is supposed to go.  I am getting there with everything, but I’m just not getting as far on as I would like. But saying that, I am so easily distracted its unbelievable.

Tonight, after work, I would ideally go home and get all my animation prep work done and dusted. But i know what I am like, and I will end up going home and watching a dvd, or playing the Xbox. I love DVDs and I my Xbox, but when I need to be concentrating on work, I have the habit of wondering off and doing my own thing.  Something irrelevent, and that I shouldn’t be doing.

I do have this job that I am working on now, which should be getting done this weekend, sending the band information about my ideas by friday, and sort it over the weekend. That will make me really happy, as this is freelance stuff. And helps build me a portfolio. Something I really need to work on. Gonna work on my drawing skills too. I love drawing, and really wanna get back in the ‘zone’ and do a painting.

The band I’m designing for are called Devil’s Angel, and they are a Canadian metal band. I already have ideas in my head and if I can execute it well, all will be good. I hope. I will sketch ideas out tonight and try and post them.


I know, I say that I’ll post all the time. But I will do it when I get home.

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