Running from a falling avalanche…of work

Have I said how much I hate this time of year?

Well, I do.  Its approaching the end of the college year, and stress levels are at a high. Saying that, I do have the habit of working myself into a panic, when ever I catch sight of a deadline. But, hey, I suppose thats something I have to get used to when I’m trying to get myself established in the Graphic Design industry.

One example of my panic, is my animation unit. I should be concentrating on finishing the actual final animation, but no. I decide that it’d be a good idea to restart my sketch book, because its not fluent enough and shows no flow of thought, or where I got my idea from. So rather than fill in the missing pieces, I start it all again, in a completly different sketch book. I guess some times my intellegence takes a leave of absence.

On  an extremely high note, I have been asked to design work for an American metal band, and they are going to pay me. I have to send concept drawings away to them by the weekend. Which is another thing I so when I least need to. I get freelance work, when I can’t cope with college work on its own. I just need to learn how to cope with the level of work I seem to throw myself into.

I am hoping to do more  updating from home, or at least college, where I’ll be able to get more examples of my work up on show. Which would be very nice. But, alas, I tend to update this whilst I work at my job, in call centre, which for the moment is the only thing bringing any cash into my life. But the issue is, at the climax of the college year, and when I am getting people approach me for work, is it really such a great thing that I work Monday to Friday evenings, as well as college during the day? I know I could really need the additional time to work on projects, but I can’t survive with no money. I have bills to pay.

Just have to work harder at designing things, so that can, one day, be my soul profession. Hopefully

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