Stuttered, but still going

I didn’t blog yesterday, for one reason and one reason only.  I was so demotivated I did minimal work, till I got home. And I was up till 3.30 am doing it.

Its not as good as it sounds, I mean its not me being keen, its me being lazy and distracted. Not good. But today was ok, spent 5 hours straight finishing The Crucible project. And it has to be said, I decided to start afresh, and it was the best idea ever. I am happy with it, rather than do the keyhole idea, I had already produced. But I decided to base the idea around a gabble, seeing as much of the play is based in the courtroom.

It got a lot of attention, as a lot of students (college and visiting school kids) said it was great. And all the tutors seemed to like it too. So I felt something I havn’t felt for such a long time. I had pride. I was proud that people liked it. I’m proud that I can put it up at the end of year exhibition and be happy about it. And that pride, has given me such a buzz.

I want to just do more work, but alas the day(evening)  job is first.

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