On a roll?

This is the second day of me being super-inspired.

I had web design first, whih included me getting my web information together for Scott, who is designing my web site. And also learnt how to make a photo gallery in photoshop. I’ll be honest, I never had a clue photoshop could do that.  So I can always say thats my one thing I’ve learnt today.  But I know I still have a hell of  a lot of hard work to do, if I want to meet my deadline. But I can believe it can be done.


Also had the McDonalds project today as well, which I also made some progress on.

Leaf ideas for McDonalds
Leaf ideas for McDonalds

I know they are not finalized, but the idea is that it is supposed to be natural (hence the leaf). It is supposed to be aimed at getting a new range of customers through the door. It has to be said I am a vegetarian, and hate everything McDonalds stands for. So this, as I have said previously, is  quite a struggle for me, to try and be balanced in my representation of the mega-coproporation, as hard as that is.

Going to start attempting again, to animate my worm. So,  hopefully that doesn’t go too bad. I don’t really mind animation, so its just the matter of staying focused, whcih I seem to be doing quite well in today.

The only thing is, that I need to do as much work as possible in college, seeing as work kills any motivation I have. No suprize there, call centres do that to people

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