I had web design class today, where I started Scott’s website. It should have really been started a few weeks ago, but that didn’t happen. Mostly because of my lack of motivation, but I have now done the index page. Which in itself is great, because all other pages of the website are almost the same as the index page, its kinda like the main template, just the contents change about.

Also I made steady progress in the project for ‘Create Not Hate’, where I felt I was actually doing some high quality work for a change. The main concept of the idea I am doing, is where there is a face, but the features have been scrubbed out. This is to show some form of censorship, which happens towards young people, as they are often not given a chance and just judged. Well, thats what is supposed to be translated through it. I did some high quality drawings, and experemented with some plasticine.

I am hoping to try and get some picture of my work up, which would be nice, if I ever update this at home, rather than being at college or work.

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