I am sleepy. But, as life should never be as simple as I would like, I can’t sleep. Well, I do eventually go to sleep, but I may only sleep for a few hours a night. Which is not good when you work 10 hour days.

I think the blame, like with most people, is technology. I have a phone, that sits near my bed. That’s without the TV, games consoles, Kindle or iPad. All within reach from bed. It means I can easily get distracted till the early hours of the morning by nonsense.

It is too easy to whittle away hours on nothing, since the internet came into force. Watching videos of classic WWF fights, or cats falling over, it is very easy to lose hours of time before you realise it. There is nothing wrong with finding something that engrossing, but there can be when it stops your sleep.

I am going to try something going forward. Which involves being in bed by 11pm, without any Internet connected devices. And just sleeping. See how that works. Sounds silly trying to set a routine, like you would a child, but routine really is good for people. Especially if it is to help things such as sleep. Well. I guess I’ll start tomorrow.

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