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Standing Still

I am getting really irritated about myself. I sometimes feel like I am making progress, with my mental health, but then just go backwards. It’s frustrating. For example, last week was really positive. I was in a really good mood, … Continue reading

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Just Do Your Best

Life, as it frequently tends to remind us, is very hard. Yes, the struggles may be different for different people, but they are still struggles. And every person will deal with those hard things different. If you don’t harm anyone, … Continue reading

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Not What I Wanted

I have always been one of these people who have two effort levels. Either I obsessively do it, or I just can’t be bothered. This is mostly encouraged by how well I do at something. If I put effort in, … Continue reading

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Achievement Unlocked

What do you do when you achieve something? How do you celebrate? I was having a think today about how I am making effort to eat a bit healthier. I made a couple of good choices over the last few … Continue reading

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All It Takes Is A Little Effort

Sucking at life is easy. People make a big deal of it being ‘so hard’. How heartbreaking it is, when things don’t go your way. How it sucks when you ‘try so hard’ and everything just falls apart. But be … Continue reading

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